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       Each year, the Bill Osborn Foundation awards a scholarship to a senior from Wildwood High School who plans to continue their education.  Applicants are asked to write an essay in which they discuss the following; academic and athletic achievements, financial need and community services.  These criteria were carefully chosen to reflect those qualities which our father represented in his own life. 

      Our Dad was an incredible athlete who continued to help the youth of the community his entire life through his involvement with many recreation and school related sports programs.  In addition, he always encouraged and motivated his children to strive for academic excellence.

        In addition to the scholarship that is awarded by the Bill "Ozzie" Osborn Foundation, another scholarship is awarded by a life long family friend, the Franco family.  One lucky Wildwood High School senior receives a very generous scholarship from the Franco family under the name, William J. Osborn Scholarship.  The Franco family was great friends with our father and continues a treasured friendship with the entire Osborn family.  In the letter the most recent recipient received, Paul Franco, who was a Godson of our Dad, wrote:

      My family was friends of Mr. William Osborn for many years and we are still very close with his family to this day. Mr. Osborn, also a graduate of Wildwood High School, was an extremely community and civic minded individual who donated countless amounts of time and energy for the welfare of its citizens; especially to local recreation centers and to the less fortunate.  His spirit and dedication to his community lives today and will do so well into the future.  The intent of this scholarship program which is dedicated in Mr. Osborn's honor, will rightfully continue to benefit students in helping them complete their academic endeavors.

      This extremely generous support from the Franco family embodies our father's commitment to helping others.  We are honored that another Wildwood High School graduate will be able to pursue their dreams because of this scholarship awarded in our father's name by the Franco family.

      Our father continually looked for ways to help those in need, whether it be a meal from his loving wife or a T-shirt or hat from his latest adventure, our father believed in community service and friendship.  He also dedicated his life to service in our religious community.  Finally, although our family was never wealthy from a financial sense, we were rich with our friendships and with the life qualities that he instilled in his family. Our father's commitment to family, community and God were qualities which he instilled in his children and are carried on in the lives of his grandchildren.  It is these qualities that are evaluated in the award of the scholarship that honors his name.


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